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Learn how to choose garage doors and solve their problems with these tips

Replacing a broken glass on garage doors

If the glass in your garage door is broken, get it fixed as soon as possible. It does not mean you have to stick the broken pieces together, but you have to replace it as a whole. Broken glass is a serious safety issue and security problem. Contact our specialists to replace them for you.

Preventing home invasion

Burglars can gain access to one’s home if they have successfully stolen the house’s door opener. Before this happens to you, consider using a key chain remote. Also make sure that you always lock the entry to the inside of your home. If you have a car, never leave the remote control inside or with a parking attendant.

Resolve problems with faulty reverse mechanism

If the garage door reverses after closing, check the close limit switch. Adjust this accordingly. However, if the door reverses before it completely closes, check the close force adjustment on the opener unit. Adjust this accordingly and retest the door. If the problem persists, contact our reliable experts at garage door repair Rochelle Park.

Always keep your eyes on small children

When you are driving in and out of a garage, make sure you always have your eyes on the children. They should never be allowed to play around the garage door or run in and out of the garage.

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